Flashback History

1931  Club formed as the Cowichan Angling Club

1933   January 16th renamed COWICHAN FISH and GAME ASSOCIATION                          

1937   99 year Lease signed with the Ministry of Lands

1938/1945   Training Range for the Military and PCMR

1962   Caretakers shack built

1967   Indoor Range Moved In

1969   100/200 Yard Shooting Range Shed Built

1970   CVRD Acquired Land Lot 1 Section 6 Across From the Range

1987   Right of way Cleared and Power Put In By BC Hydro (if CVRD  would have put in Hydro for the Park the cost would have been over $100,000 or in 2020’s $262,000)

1988   Caretaker Moved In

1989   Clubhouse Renovated

1989    Built  

1992   Members using Handhelds for Throwing Clays for the Trap Range

1993   Ducks Unlimited Sporting Clays Event

1994   Trap House built

1995   July 12th Cowichan River Park Established and surrounding the CF&GA Range.

1997   First Automated Trap Machine Purchased

1998   Trap Machine Installed

2004   The Restrictive Covenant over the Glenora Staging Area Allowing Airport Purposes Only, was Amended to Allow Park Use

2013/07/23   Range Approval for Handguns, Rifle, Shotgun was issued by the Chief Firearms Officer, Terry Hamilton.

2015   New Trap Machine Installed